“CAN YOU WALK ON WATER?” Event and Video Campaign

We are KIX created an original event and video concept for MACH by Hong Leong Bank’s young audience. Filling a pool in a public area with 8,000 liters of “Oobleck” (cornstarch, water and coloring) and having over 500 people run, jump, flip and bike on top of the substance. The Oobleck is a non-newtonian substance that reacts to pressure and becomes solid for only an instant when you step on it, then quickly becomes water again.

The event and video have become the most successful online campaign in Malaysian history.
Over 28+ Million views on Youtube
– Featured on BuzzFeed, Design taxi, Huffington Post etc…
– Profiled on 4 separate Discovery Channel programs worldwide.


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Event Concept and Promotion: WE ARE KIX
Event Build and Management: WE ARE KIX
Video Production: WE ARE KIX
Video Promotion and Press: WE ARE KIX