KIX is a new film company in Kuala Lumpur, founded by directors Ion Furjanic and Jessica Richer.
With every new project the team sets out to create fresh ideas never seen before in the world.
When filming live events, KIX captures hours of energy, youth and fun and distills it into a single creative idea.

KIX uses special effects, sound design, dynamic editing, handmade props, and a hard-core dedication to music to make videos that people watch and share. In 2011-2012, The company has worked with diverse brands like: NERF,H&M, Mercedes, Tiger Beer, Converse, Levis, Ford, Asahi, Fred Perry and many more.


Ion Michael Furjanic is a director, composer and artist from New York. He is best know for composing the score for the film “Jesus Camp” (which was nominated for the best documentary Academy Award). His recent work includes an original score for the films “The Two Escobars”, “Bully”, “Brooklyn Boheme” and music for the film “Freakonomics”. In 2010, experiments with film and music led to a love for creating video content and the foundation for KIX. Browse Ion Michael Furjanic’s work on IMDB


Over the past decade, Jessica Richer has been involved in the Malaysian creative industry, event management and public relations before engaging herself in film production. Working with a diversity of local and international brands, Jessica unravels the common ground between brands and the audience. She is always committed to exploring new grounds and producing fresh creative concepts even if they seem impossible.